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Walks up to 5.0 miles

Short walks up to 5 miles in and around the Stocksbridge area : Stocksbridge, Bolsterstone, Deepcar and Fox Valley.

Underbank Underbank Reservoir and Wind Hill Farm. 2.0 or 3.0 miles
Wharncliffe woods From Deepcar to Wharncliffe woods and crags.
2.3 or 2.7 miles
Redmires CircularA relatively flat route around the three Redmires Reservoirs west of Sheffiled2.5 miles
Rivelin Corn MillA circular walk down the Rivelin valley2.6 miles
Whitewell moor From Stocksbridge Community Leisure Centre onto Whitwell Moor. 3.0 miles
Ewden Reservoirs Walks around More Hall and Broomhead Reservoirs in the Ewden Valley. 2.2 – 4.6 miles
Bramall Lane From the centre of Stocksbridge (Fox Valley) west along Bramall Lane and back on Hunshelf Bank. 3.5 miles
Wharncliffe Crags Wharncliffe woods and Wharncliffe crags cover an area of several square miles. There is plenty of wildlife to watch out for, including tree pipits, nightjars, newts, and dragonflies.  4.0 miles
Parkwood Springs Parkwood Springs is a natural ‘wild’ space close to the centre of the city of Sheffield. There is woodland and heath, open parkland, and a range of natural habitats where wild lupins bloom, kestrels hover, and deer have been seen.  4.0 miles
Glen Howe and More HallThis walk starts in the C19th. Pleasure Gardens of Glen Howe Park, before crossing fields, meadow land and woods to More Hall Reservoir before returning via a cruck barn and a listed farmhouse. 4.0 miles
Isle of Skye From Stocksbridge centre (Fox Valley) up to the Isle of Skye Quarry, returning by the Tin Mill ponds. 4.5 miles
Coumes Wood From Oughtibridge to Sensicall Park and the Coumes Vale Plantation to Onesmoor before returning via Delf Hill. 4.5 miles
Oxspring Starting in Oxspring, walk takes you on the TPT, through woods, close to the River Don and over the Rumtickle Viaduct. 4.3 miles
Langsett WW2 target winches An extension of our walk around Langsett reservoir to WW2 tank training remains 3.0 miles